What is a refillery?

A refillery is a shopping experience that offers household and personal care items in bulk, eliminating the need for disposable packaging! The items are sold by the ounce or individually and are provided in glass containers that are intended to be used again and again! 
Walk into any aisle in a traditional store and you will see shelf after shelf of shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, etc (this list could go on forever but you get the picture...) all packaged in plastic containers that are thrown away when they're empty. At a refillery, when your container is empty you fill it back up again! 
At The Sustainery, we have committed to only sourcing refillery items from companies that operate on a closed loop system. What is a closed loop system, you ask? Great question, let's break it down! When our refillery items come to us they are in large bulk containers, think 5 gallon buckets as an example. All of that product is then divvied up into individual, reusable containers for our eco-concious customers... eventually leaving us with an empty 5 gallon bucket. Some places then throw that 5 gallon bucket away, give themselves a pat on the back for at least some waste reduction, and consider that good enough. Companies that operate on a closed loop system, though, take it even further. When our bulk containers are empty we send them right back to the company so that even the bulk containers can be reused!
So, when you shop The Sustainery's refillery nothing ever ends up in the trash or recycling!