Period. The Sport High Waisted

Period. The Sport High Waisted

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One pair of Period. Sport high waisted underwear.

Super absorbent, comfy and stylish and…. can run, spin, do squats, yoga, work out, mountain climb. Or just sit down and relax. Leak-free and designed to withstand ultra-movement and sweat. Fits true to size. A pair of Period. underwear holds the equivalent of 8-10 tampons worth so they can be worn all day!
Made of:
  • Main: PeriodTech™ 85% Nylon with 15% Spandex Knit
  • Lining: 95% Organic Cotton with 5% Spandex Jersey
  • Absorbent Layer: 100% Polyester 
  • Leak Proof Layer: 100% Polyester PUL
  • No toxins, bleach, plastic, or PFAS

How to take care of your Period.

  • Rinse for a few seconds.
  • Either hand wash and hang dry, or add to the laundry pile.
  • Regular wash, no bleach.
  • Tumble dry low or hang dry.
  • Do not dry clean.

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